The criminals sent words flying recently in a Saint Lucie County budget workshop – all over the need for your money, how to steal it and who gets it.

Their weapons are their words and their acts. They incite other people to extort you or abduct you if you do not pay. They are not brazen enough to do the crimes themselves but they nevertheless employ others to carry out their dirty work.

There’s a problem. It’s your money. You have it and they want more of it.

The commission Thursday mulled how to pay for next year’s proposed $462.9 million budget, which includes $6.6 million more than this year for the Sheriff’s Office.

Property owners could face paying $35 to $62 more next year in property taxes.

A higher property-tax rate means the county would collect $4 million to $8.1 million more, county records show.

Of course if there isn’t enough money just raise your prices. When you’re in the business of extortion you just force them to pay.

The worst part is they want to increase the taxes for the same failed economic policies of subsidizing unprofitable businesses at the expense of everyone else. They insult us while trying to extort us. There have been enough failures with the “Research Coast” that is a ticking debt bomb- we don’t need to pay for more of their malinvestments where when they fail they just raise our taxes.

However, if the commission doesn’t raise the tax rate, it might ask the public to increase the sales tax by 1 percent and earmark the money for road, drainage, new buildings and economic-development projects.



Mascara has been buying up cheap surplus equipment from the War on Terror to save his department tons of money but still needs more. Shouldn’t the county saved windfalls by getting over $3 million in surplus equipment? Mascara’s office has received fourth most surplus equipment in the state and the second of all counties. You would think with all those windfall savings that weren’t needless spending the officers could have learned it is violating citizen rights to demand id of someone not suspected of a crime and handcuff them to produce it. The Commisscriminals did approve most of what Mascara asked.

The county could afford all of Sheriff Ken Mascara’s requests — except raises — without raising the tax rate.


ken mascaraMascara then clarified that he was not asking and made threats.

Mascara, however, said if he doesn’t receive his entire $73.4 million request, he would either lobby Gov. Rick Scott to force the county to pay up or he would cut jobs. “I may have to do away with the special teams formed to combat gang activity and gun violence,” Mascara told county commissioners.

The number one job of police should be to prevent violent crimes and apprehend violent criminals. But this is how the thugs operate. They threaten your life. Pay up or else we won’t do the fundamental part of our job. Sure we’ll keep ticketing people for non-crimes, enforcing regulations that generate revenues and locking people in cages for vices that make us money. But protect you taxpaying scum? Not a chance.

Then you have this guy.


He has proven he isn’t afraid of theft before and does it again.

But he seems to be confused about what the topic as he often is.  

It’s not that he has a problem stealing from you. It’s that he doesn’t want to get caught. Again. It’s easier to skim a bit off the top once a year than to be noticed stealing in almost every transaction that is made. The sales tax robbery did have support.


Hutchinson has no concern if the sales tax drains enough from you to force you from your home or even discourage you from buying products/services and your bills. Suddenly she has a heart if she steals money once a year that could force people from their homes.  Regardless people still have less money to use on other goods and services such as paying their legitimate bills.

Not all Commisscriminals had a preference for how they got their hands on your money. Sales tax? Property tax? Breathing tax? Who cares. Just tax it!

Commissioner Kim Johnson said he hasn’t decided whether to support raising property taxes or seeking a higher sales tax in the 2016 election.

“For me, I’m looking at which option would raise the county the most money the fastest,” Johnson said.

The whole gang was in on it. Lock your windows. Close your doors. This is Loose County and the Commisscriminals are here to get the loot.


Source: Sheriff, County Commission clash over budget – TC Palm