austrians-statistsIn news that likely isn’t news to many, TCPalm has gone off the rocker.

TCPalm looks to useful results to justify swindling from everyone so that the selected few may profit well have upon the serfs.

Fear not citizen, subsidizing special interests is a no-brainer because it sounds like a good idea and they may possibly deliver an end after vast theft and waste.

Lucky for you citizen you don’t have to worry after all you have the Wonderful Wizards of Subsidy Science at TCPalm whose crystal ball says Screwed with a Chance of Cloudy.

At least they have retracted from slinging ad hominem attacks against the Seven50 opposition.  Nothing good is said about Seven50 in their column however.

Let’s break down some selections of the drug-infused nonsense, that drug being spending other people’s money in ignorant bliss.

  1.  First TCPalm has taken the highroad and stopped the namecalling and mudslinging that amounts to them using their pulpit to bully Seven50 opposition.  They’ve toned it down and instead selected unattributed quotes to the opposition in their efforts to cast the opposition as crazier than even TCPalm:
  2. “I’m begging you to withdraw from Seven50.” “The socialists in Europe who wanted to herd people into urban areas have come to America and now want to do the same with us.”

    “Our area here is seven counties they want to consolidate into one.”

  3. “A system is being developed to rearrange society to fit a preplanned utopia.”TCPalm tries to frame the entire anti-Seven50 opposition in three lines.  In TCPalm’s fair and balanced reporting they cover none of the important info about the Seven50 opposition because they don’t want you to know the truth.
  4. Next it gets really pathetic as they disregard the clairty they try to offer:
    Let’s be clear: Seven50 is an experiment in regional planning. It’s presumptuous to think a regional organization is capable of developing a comprehensive plan that adequately addresses all of the critical issues confronted by individual cities and counties. Moreover, this experiment could prove to be a boondoggle, a waste of time and money that produces few positive results.
    This is very important in how they examine the use of precious resources.  TCPalm states that this could be a huge waste of money and resources that hurts the local economy.  So what they say.
  5. Here’s where TCPalm sees the value: 
    Still, there is value in participating in Seven50 — in the form of shared resources, information and funding.
    They see value in the redistribution of resources, even if it is a complete waste.  No worries folks, precious resources like money can be created out of nowhere.
  6. TCPalm continues that there may be a few pieces of Seven50 that have merit and for that the Treasure Coast should accept every tenet of Seven50 (a requirement of being part of it) because without it the region cant cooperate.
    1. The governing bodies in the region already do cooperate and TCPalm should know better as they are covering the Indian River Lagoon hearings where local bodies are voluntarily cooperating.
    2. TCPalm says we should give up the area’s precious resources and local governance to the megabureaucracy that is Seven50 for the few small slivers of Seven50 that TCPalm supports.

To the TCPalm editors: Seven50 is not socialism.  It is instead the institution of crony-capitalism that will greatly enrich the cronies of New Urbanism.  The chosen industries have already been selected and the cronies have done hard work to ensure the spoils are shared by the New Urbanism special interests and their cronies.

Please step your game up so that our future can be shaped rather than misformed. It’s one thing to use the word economic development but another in understanding how that is accomplished.  Start here November 8th.

Maybe Seven50 will be treated like Ken Pruitt by TCPalm.  Endorsed before it is in place and then ripped once it is in place.

Editorial: Seven50 may be flawed, but it could produce useful results for Martin County

If you look around  you just may see some TCPalm looking to add to the economic growth by breaking windows to support window makers.  Don’t you see the economic development?

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