Even if Your Team Wins, You Lose!

Even if Your Team Wins, You Lose!

Eve Samples is pretty good when it comes to stadium subsidies.

Joe Negron (R) is downright terrible.

Eve Samples reports that legalized crooks state lawmakers are working on giving Major League Baseball once again.

Leading the charge to redistribute wealth is Joe Negon.

“The reality is we’re in competition with other states,” Negron, a Republican from Stuart, said Monday.

Negron joins other republicans in calling for subsidies to the rich at the expense of all.

Just last year, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill promising $3.3 million a year in state money for cities and counties that build ballparks or upgrade old ones for Major League Baseball teams.


Joe Negron explaining how stealing from the poor to give to the rich works

Stealing $3.3million from the serfs to give to MLB is not enough for Negron who desires more!

Negron is pimping your resources out to special interests and just how much he pimps out depends on how many takers he can pull together.

The money Negron is working to include in the state budget would be in addition to that.

“What we did last year was the foundation,” Negron said.

He didn’t reveal a dollar amount because the state is still waiting to find out how many teams want in on the deals, he said.

Sadly Samples fails to condemn all subsidies which is nothing more than distribution of the loot from legalized theft.  Subsidies are not charitable donations.  Nobody helps to subsidize a company people are forced to with the threat of violence.  Samples confuses this with voluntarily helping a company, perso or cause.

As a St. Lucie County taxpayer, I help subsidize the Mets’ facilities at Tradition Field.

Instead Samples uses some arbitrary judgement of what is a good reason to steal from some people and give to others.

Yes, the community gets to use Tradition Field for other events. But is it really worth what we pay? More importantly, should taxpayers bear the costs of new ballparks for spring training teams, as has been discussed in Palm Beach County?

statism subsidies force moral theftFirst we don’t pay it.  Those funds are taken from people forcibly as they will go to prison if they do not comply. Second it is never worth it because only consumers can decide what is the best place to put their resources.

Instead of championing free-market competition Joe Negron says in an ideal world there would be no competition.

“In an ideal world, I wish that there was no competition for spring training teams,” Negron said.

Sorry Joe but in an ideal world there would be maximum competition.  For when businesses compete for exchanges with consumers the quality of products/services rise while the prices drop.  This helps raise the standard of living more than anything government could ever do.

Then Negron makes the error of calling bribery competition in speaking of how MLB is playing the masses by requiring bribes for their locating a spring training team in a city.

I think the fact that there is such vibrant competition shows there’s value to a community.”

Samples finishes the article by not declaring that all theft is wrong.  Just that certain causes and in certain cases (decided by whom is unknown) that stealing from some to give to others is justified.

Murray Rothbard wrote in Man, Economy and State that subsidies:

Governmental subsidy systems promote inefficiency in production and efficiency in coercion and subservience, while penalizing efficiency in production and inefficiency in predation.

Any subsidy is wrong regardless of the intent.

In fact the subsidy system is plaguing the Indian River Lagoon.

Government has legalized pollution.  This has subsidized polluters by allowing them to cheaply dump their garbage into air and water and not pay for it, thus reducing the cost of properly disposing garbage.

Why pay for it when government allows companies to pollute for free?

It gets worse.  Government also subsidizes Big Farms and Big Sugar by restricting imports while giving money to these industries.  Thanks to the business subsidies firms that may go out of business now can stay in business while polluting away.

All because the government has legalized theft to dole out to special interests in the name of economic fallacies.

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