PSL Officials have been harassing the new owner of the City Center property and it is quite ironic.

City officials have said Zhong can’t start development until she pays the delinquent taxes. They’ve also questioned Zhong’s ability to develop the land because of her track record of overseas failures. She has had failed residential developments in New Zealand and was declared bankrupt there in 2008.

It’s funny that a city that has subsidized the failures of Digital Domain, Torrey Pines, VGTI and others is questioning the ability of Zhong.

The city officials have gone almost a billion dollars into debt by failing with other peoples money while Zhong has put her own money at risk. She like others lost some in the housing crash in 2008 while city officials have continued to be failures since.

Source: Upkeep of City Center land costing Port St. Lucie taxpayers thousands each year – TC Palm