No New TaxesThe people of Port St. Lucie have had enough.

  1. You taxed us to take our money and give to your failed pet projects like Digital Domain, VGTI, City Center and Torrey Pines.
  2. You burdened us with over $300 million in debt doing so.
  3. Now you want to take even more from us to pay for your mistakes.

Enough is enough! We have already been forced to pay and will pay no more.

There are other ways to get the budget under control. Sell off city lands, privatize services and cut burdensome debt obligations that come with city employees.

The responsibility for this debt problem is the fault of the government officials. The people did not take out the debt but have been assigned to it involuntarily. The people did not choose to patronize the chosen companies that government officials subsidized with the people’s money. And the people surely shouldn’t have to pay for city hall recklessness when they fail doing so.

Sign here: Petition · City of Port Saint Lucie: Don’t Tax Citizens to Pay for Your Mistakes ·