In his recent newsletter Patrick Murphy touts bailouts to Big Sugar and Big Farm as a benefit to our economy while government lets their pollution destroy natural resources.

This week, I voted in favor of the bipartisan FARM bill, which directs policies that support our nation’s farmers and nutrition assistance programs.

This is a huge ripoff on the individuals in favor of the the Farm interests that have entrenched cronies and lobbyists in Washington for decades.

While the rest of us are poorer and the lagoon suffers Patrick Murphy gives big breaks to the big polluters.

Wait I see him in a helicopter over the lagoon so everything must be ok.

He goes on to tout a bill that eliminates fraud just after he finished perpetrating fraud and extortion himself and being an agent for those crony special interests.

After ripping everyone at the expense of the few Murphy offered his wonderful insight.

Although neither of these compromise bills were perfect, it is great to see Congress finally working together to move our country forward.

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Moving Forward Together.