Opponents to All Aboard Florida claimed that the project would dangerously impact the Saint Lucie River drawbridge. So they funded a study to prove their accusations.

It backfired.

But a report soon to be released by Martin County seems to reveal a relatively safe bridge, one far from “imminent failure.”

“We expected to see more (damage) because of the current but, basically, most of the cracks can be repaired,” said Terry Rauth, Martin County deputy engineer.

Martin County Commissioners in March commissioned the bridge study, saying it could prove useful in its legal battle against All Aboard Florida. The 48-page report, dated Sept. 11, is based on a series of underwater inspections conducted in May, according to the county.

It continues.

According to the report, dated Sept. 11, the bridge’s substructure is “stable” but should receive routine maintenance in the next two to three years.

More information is needed for definitive conclusions about its safety, according to the engineers.

“While the general condition of the substructure appears to have been maintained and repaired regularly,” the bridge’s ability to handle increased traffic “cannot be determined from the information obtained from the dive inspection and limited photos made available,” the report states.

Source: Only minor damage on St. Lucie River bridge, according to new report – TC Palm