nazi-gnomesThe loony lagoonists are out raising a storm because too much rain has fallen lately.

One would wonder what in the hell is the problem with rain? There hasnt been any major flooding lately. We have gotten by most of hurricane season.

The lagoonists would be content to have zero discharges and risk a breach of the levees around Lake Okeechobee and flooding the nearby people. The reason is that government has failed to “regulate” the very pollution that government legalized and subsidizes every year.

To the lagoonists covering up the failures of government “water managers” are more important than actual people.

Again as the levees reach their tipping point the main concern for the loony lagoonists is the quality of water but not the safety of those surrounding the levees.

 Over the weekend, Lake Okeechobee rose above the point that tends to give officials an itchy trigger finger and prompts discharges to the St. Lucie River.

But the Army Corps of Engineers isn’t panicking, thanks in part to a dry forecast for the coming week.

That doesn’t mean the estuary is out of the woods and into the dry season just yet.

The lagoonists and their goons have banned fertilizers (though no evidence of damaged caused by the fertilizers exists just their presence) and now facing the calamity of rain one has to wonder: Will the loony lagoonists soon ban rain?

“Back then, the rain was welcome because we were in a drought,” he said. “But the point is that it could happen again when it’s not so welcome.”

Lake O rising, but no discharges on horizon – Story.