police force obeyThe editorial board of TCPalm wants you to act as they see fit.

If not, they will impose their views through the force of guns and violence.  They will do so by employing government to fine you.

The editorial board at TCPalm wants to dictate to you what you can or cannot do. To hell with the Golden Rule.

And as TCPalm’s editorial board sees it the best way of convincing everyone to live as they see fit is to use the force of government to coerce everyone to live as the editorial board of TCPalm would prefer you to citizen.

OBEY TCPalm subject, that is the best course of action. OBEY!

The editorial board seems to be in a pretty bad mood because government isn’t forcing you to act as they see fit fast enough.

In St. Lucie County, Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce have been slow to take action.

In Indian River County, Sebastian and Fellsmere lag behind.

Apparently the state of Florida isn’t forcing you enough to act as TCPalm sees fit:

Fellsmere for some time has been considering adopting the rainy season fertilizer ban to replace a weaker state-suggested ordinance.

Why won’t you just fall into line? What is wrong with you?!

But wait, it gets better worse.

The editorial board of TCPalm actually endorses polluting the Indian River Lagoon.  How so? TCPalm is calling for a ban of fertilizers that pollute the Indian River Lagoon during particular times of the year. But during the rest of the year TCPalm seems to believe that you should be able to pollute the Indian River Lagoon and not encourage government to use force to coerce your behavior.

Believe it or not there is a different way to saving the Indian River Lagoon.

Why after all should you or anyone be able to pollute the Indian River Lagoon at anytime of the year let alone certain times of the year?

If that makes no sense at all to you take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. There is another way to saving the Indian River Lagoon.

Let’s be honest about the situation. Government is to blame for the pollution of the lagoon.  Government allows people to pollute the Indian River Lagoon. Government allows Big Sugar to pollute the Indian River Lagoon. Government “managers” of the Indian River Lagoon only act when public outrage reaches a high enough level that it impacts their “long-term vision.”  Not the “long-term vision” of conserving the lagoon for future use but the “long-term vision” that is the same with all politicians, that of the next election.

How can anyone concerned about the Indian River Lagoon believe that a government that permits pollution of the lagoon can save the Indian River Lagoon? It is possible that it is blind faith in government regardless of the results it produces but may also be a failure to understand environmentalism achieved without force.

statismWould you allow your neighbor to dispose of his/her trash on your yard? Would you allow it at certain times of the year? With government “managing” the Indian River Lagoon that is what happens.

Yet the government cheerleaders known as the editorial board of TCPalm want more governmental solutions.

Unfortunately, especially for the Indian River Lagoon, the saga continues of repeating the same mistake and expecting different results.

Editorial: All local governments on Treasure Coast have responsibility for lagoon’s health » TCPalm.com.