bush crime familyYou look at who the fools endorse.

  •  GOP state Sens. Joe Negron, of Stuart, and Thad Altman, of Rockledge, support the former two-term Florida governor, along with state Reps. Gayle Harrell, of Stuart; Marylynn Magar, of Tequesta; and Cary Pigman, of Sebring.
  •  U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio — Bush’s former political protégé and one-time Florida House speaker — is backed by state Rep. Debbie Mayfield, R-Vero Beach, who’s donated $1,500 to his race, and is in New Hampshire this weekend working on his behalf.

Bill Posey won’t think for himself and just toe the party line and be a good little boy and do as the establishment tells him.

  • U.S. Rep. Bill Posey’s office said he doesn’t issue endorsements before Florida’s March 15 presidential primary.

Negron is just awlful. Bush PAC’s have spent over $120 million and gotten little for it. He’s boring, pathetic and even his mom doesn’t seem to be a fan of his candidacy.

  • “It’s very important for Gov. Bush to do well in New Hampshire and to be in the top tier of candidates and I expect that to happen,” said Negron, who is Florida’s incoming Senate president.

They all want to kiss the hand of those who they think will take them further and the shameful House of Bush is the choice of parasites.

Source: Treasure Coast lawmakers support Bush, say N.H. primary will decide his fate