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Two of the loudest supporters in Florida for All Aboard Florida are now showing concern about the private company to whom they gave your money away. Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy have completely turned an about face on All Aboard Florida

These two bozos first championed themselves for giving your money away to a private company while claiming the benefits of job growth and long-term economic development.

Now these two professional liars do not believe in the jobs and the long-term growth that the said would benefit the region.

They were wrong.  Jobs and growth will not benefit the region.  No wait, they don’t say that because it was bullshit.

The only reason these two bozos are changing their mind is that it appears a growing segment of their constituents oppose All Aboard Florida.

Though they have extorted your money to give out favors to special interests these sociopaths act as if they are our saviors.

Murphy, D-Jupiter, on Wednesday wrote to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, listing seven elements he wanted All Aboard Florida to address. The fellow congressional freshman sent a joint version of the letter Thursday, adding a request that All Aboard Florida provide detailed ridership projections.

These jackals wasted your money to celebrate giving away your money to a business and now have sent a letter for us.  Hope you serfs are happy.

Patrick Murphy

Does he even believe his own bullshit?

Patrick Murphy lays the bullshit on really really thick.  This scumbag knows no shame.

“As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Congresswoman Frankel has been a real leader on raising these community concerns with AAF on the federal level,” Murphy said.

Disgusting.  Throwing a party for themselves for subsidizing All Aboard Florida and changing their tune when the public reacts has been the leadership type of politician you can expect from Patrick Murphy and Lois Frankel.

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Frankel adds voice to Murphy’s All Aboard Florida letter to feds : : Shaping Our Future.