26445d_8d7c54fe3e064cc581502b5ddc912fd8Residents of Fort Pierce have come together to form Citizens for Clean Air & Water to reduce wasted resources by city officials and pollution of the Indian River Lagoon.

Download the petition here (pictured below) and send the completed petition to:

Citizens for Clean Air & Water

1611 Surfside Dr.

Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949

Citizens for Clean Air & Water’s mission is to remove the Waste Water Treatment Plant from the island.
We feel it is an environmental disaster waiting to happen and at the same time a blight on our beautiful city.
There is also the economic impact to our community- having a sewer plant on the most beautiful piece of property in the city which does not allow high end development to occur.
We desperately need your help to obtain the 2300 petitions required to get this issue on the ballot for this November.
If you want to contact us please call:
Buzz Smyth: 772-201-8230
Chris Williams: 941-883-1565

Waste Water Treatment Plant Petition


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