Armored Vehicle Fort Pierce


The Fort Pierce Police Department is the latest domestic law enforcement agency to bring weapons of war back on the home front, purchasing an armored vehicle.

ndaa_list-35821_280x233TCPalm is reporting that Officer Keith Holmes got the vehicle through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).   The NDAA is the same legislation that allows the federal government to indefinitely detain American citizens, deprving them of due process rights.

As states and local governments across the country are rising up to nullify the NDAA, rendering it null, void and of no force in their communities; the City of Fort Pierce is relentlessly embracing it, begging for more.

At least the City got the “little used model with 5,000 miles on it.”

Late last year, the City of Fort Pierce voted to approve a 15% tax increase.  When questioned on the justification for the tax increase late last year, city officials responses were “we cut everything we could…there was no other option but to raise taxes…we can’t cut our Police force.”

Shortly after the increase on the backs of the citizens, the city advertises to hire new Code Enforcement officers to regulate other people’s property, offers above market prices for largely law-abiding citizens guns, and now bringing weapons of war back home.
pepper spray military cop
They didn’t get the message that we’re broke, tired of the plunder, and that none of these were necessary expenses.

Of course, ending the phony Drug War and War on Terror would prevent the need for the city to turn Ft. Pierce into Fallujah.  It would also reduce innocent people’s lives from being turned upside down, reduce the necessary burden on our military, save employment, reduce terrorist recruitment, save tax expenditures, reduce 4th Amendment violations, allow market competition in medicine, save lives, and reduce the financial incentives and power of gangs that have plagued Ft. Pierce for far too long.

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