eve samplesEve Samples has penned another column about the Indian River Lagoon issue in which she attempts to warn that people will be paying attention to votes on the lagoon issue.  Well only half of people voted in the last election so the politicians seem to catch a big break already.

Samples uses her column to support a plan that will only make matters worse.  The plan Samples supports is to use taxpayer money to buy land from sugar companies (usually at a premium price above market prices) so that the “managers of our waters” can dump polluted water down the Everglades. A plan to pollute one environment to save another environment is what Samples and the Rivers Coalition supports.

Samples is angry that the government is extorting the public for money so that another subsidy to Big Sugar and other polluters can be doled out at the taxpayers expense.

The plan will do nothing to stop pollution but merely ensure that too much polluted water flows elsewhere and does nothing to stop local pollution into the waters here.

Samples does correctly call politician Patrick Murphy out for supporting the price supports and tariffs that give Big Sugar a competitive advantage that allows them to continue polluting.

But Samples errs in supporting the Plan 6 that will only help the Big Sugar interests more in two ways.

  1. The prices offered per acre to buy the land from Big Sugar above market prices making the entire transaction to the delight of Big Sugar.  Also much of that land isn’t used by Big Sugar as part of the sugar subsidies program.
  2. The failure to treat pollution as trespass is another subsidy.  The government at all levels allows pollution into the waters. This subsidizes the costs of properly disposing of their byproduct which could be costly and instead allows them to dump their byproducts into the water free of charge.  Government has failed miserably at protecting resources just as it fails in allocating them.

Eve Samples then seeks leadership from the Governor’s Mansion and for politicians to not be politicians.

That requires leadership from the Governor’s Mansion.

It requires lawmakers who aren’t afraid to vote against the interests of the hugely powerful sugar lobby.

Crony Capitalism Intellectual TakeoutUnfortunately Samples fails to see that as long as the government is doling out taxpayer handouts to chosen companies and industries that lobbying money and campaign donations only follow the money the government hands out in waste.  The lobbying dollars and campaign donations are merely buying futures contracts for the money the government is going to dole out.

Yet we see here that this plan will only continue the current cycle.  Companies receive a huge subsidy as the government allows them to pollute while not paying the cost of disposing their garbage and that politicians give even more subsidies to Big Farm and Big Sugar interests.

In fact it will only prolong the scenario that Samples bemoans

After almost a century of abuse, our estuaries deserve more.

Samples plea for flushing polluted water into the Everglades at the expense of the  taxpayer does absolutely nothing to halt pollution and ensure that polluters are held 100% accountable for their actions.

Plan 6 does neither and it’s supporters do an injustice to the Everglades in the name of the Indian River Lagoon. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

It is a sad state that environmentalists look to those who are ultimately responsible for pollution as the savior to pollution: government officials.

water-pollution-350_tcm18-203643The flow of water may change but the amount of pollution in it will not and that is not right and simply intolerable while special interests seek to gain from sweetheart land deals (more on that here) and the biggest of all which is government allowing and encouraging them to dump their wasteful by products into the water the government is supposed to fix. Government has failed and should be fired immediately as manager of the water and instead allow the market to solve this.

We don’t need any politicians, government officials or bureaucrats to solve the problem. We need water ranchers and the protection of property rights.

Eve Samples: Hey, politicians — voters’ memories aren’t as short-lived as you think » TCPalm.com.