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Take Action Today to Stop Seven50

Why Stop Seven50

hands-off-my-home Stop Seven 50 from allowing unelected bureaucrats to make decisions with authority over your property on dictated commands of special interests, cronies and lobbyists.  Take action today to fight impoverishment and promote prosperity without the bias of the big money donors of special interest by stopping Seven50. Sustainability advocates tell us that:

  1. Resources are limited
  2. We are too inefficient for our own good
  3. Un-elected governing authority needs to decide what is the best allocation of our land, property and resources for us
  4. And thus lead everyone to prosperity with their ideas of sustainable development

Still unmentioned today, 26 years later, is:

  1. Who decides what is and is not sustainable
  2. On what logical basis sustainability is calculated
  3. Exactly whose ‘good’ is considered for benefit

stop seven 50 today   The core of “sustainable development” is the notion of disciplining the consumption of consumers and producers. It consists of a self-appointed elite forcing needs and abilities of people against their will. But, needs and abilities cannot be determined arbitrarily by others; rather, it is derived by each individual according to their own unique, subjective valuation system. A central authority trying to determine the subjective valuation of other individuals consists of misallocation of resources (the same one’s we’re told to conserve) and market distortions (below market interest rates, industry specific stimulus) that inflate price bubbles (housing, commodity, stocks) causing an erosion of wealth.

Help Stop Seven50 Today

  1. Contact Your Local Officials and voice your opposition
  2. Sign the Petition Below

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Thank you for taking time to support property rights and local decision-making and taking action to Stop Seven50. Watch Vero Beach Mayor Craig Fletcher discuss what he learned from Seven50 consultants and leaders.