All Aboard Florida ???

all aboard florida

All Aboard Florida?

All Aboard Florida ???

The rails are coming off All Aboard Florida before they even get rolling.

In fact the battle against All Aboard Florida has been waging for over a year now as it is a component of the Seven50 scheme which just so happens to also being rolling out.  Luckily, despite much establishment opposition, Seven50 has taken serious blows and lost three counties in the northern region.

four50The southern counties have been more apt to stay in because there was more in it for them anyways as the plan was designed to contain densities of areas in the Seven50 region.  The bigger powers got locked in as bigger powers to keep bigger chunks of the spoils.

But word of the show is getting out now that All Aboard Florida prepares to get rolling.  People are starting to realize the unequivocal failure of planning.  Now that people are realizing that All Aboard Florida trains will be moving by many all aboard florida newstimes a day very fast the people in the southern counties are now feeling the heat of Seven50 via All Aboard Florida. Imagine how severely the failure of the planners and road managers in South Florida will affect daily commutes with increased crossing closings amongst already bad traffic issues.

How is Seven50 and All Aboard Florida Related?

You see it is all about planning the progressive idea of “sustainable communities.” A very benevolent term but produces failed results when pursued through socialization.

Seven50 is being pushed under the sustainable drive.  All Aboard Florida has been championed in the same way as you will see below.

The original plan for All Aboard Florida was to have it running for 2014 which just so happens to also be when the Seven50 plan was officially rolled out.  It also just so happens to be being funded under the same initiative.

 Seven50 is the scheme by which to plan your life for 50 years by people who aren’t prepared for today. All Aboard Florida is their toy train they bought with your money.  

In September 2013 we reported on the ties of Seven50 and All Aboard Florida.  See Seven50: Rewarding government for subsidies to All Aboard FloridaSee also All Aboard! (Seven50). In May 2013 it was noted that DOT funds were being used to support All Aboard Florida. You can see the layover between the plans for the grant that will improve All Aboard Florida and the grant for Seven50.

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Numerous times this connection has been made loud and clear across the entire Treasure Coast.  People have been fighting All Aboard Florida by fighting Seven50, including AC4PR.

all aboard florida seven50

Notice the Seven50 plan is right over the All Aboard Florida path

Seven50 is a plan to coerce communities to develop in a ladder pattern up the state and restrict choices in developing to new urbanist desires. All Aboard Florida will be one of the people movers up and down that ladder.

Look at the Seven50 image and notice how All Aboard Florida’s path just so happens to also be rolling out in the same time and in the same place and with the same source of money.

Patrick Murphy is already on board All Aboard Florida

Patrick Murphy is a champion of All Aboard Florida just as he is a champion for Big Sugar in celebrating himself for doling out money to these causes that are much more worthy than returning what was taken from you.  Here is a Facebook post of him doing so in 2013. Be sure to click “see more” on his post to see where he tags All Aboard Florida.


All Aboard Florida Highlights the Failure of Planners

The problem with All Aboard Florida is a result of the failure of bureaucratic planning.  People are incensed nobody has a plan for the coming reality that increased train traffic was not accounted for by planners.  People now actually face the reality of dealing with the progressive ideas of new urbanism. The northern counties in Seven50 have dealt a serious blow but it is All Aboard Florida that will derail Seven50 in the southern counties.

The failure of planning is much bigger than most have yet to realize.  The biggest failures will be felt in the bigger areas.  DOT, Florida DOT, regional planning councils and local governments are all caught unprepared, the very thing they claim to do is prepare and they do so by planning. Not one of them has a plan for how to deal with their failures in planning roads and traffic for an increase in crossing closings.

All Aboard Florida feasibility studies began in 2011 and it was formerly announced in 2012. Yet in 2014 the very agencies who are responsible for planning for this have failed to do so.  If each of those entities were a private company they would likely face serious business issues or likely go bankrupt for their failures.  But instead it is doubtful one person will even be fired. This is the result of the socialized planning of the roads and highways.  Of our traffic patterns, development zones, communities, towns and cities.  Caught without a plan and we are left suffering and with the bill.

Which brings us back to Seven50 and its plan to restrict your choices for the next 50 years by the very same planners who haven’t had enough time in 2 years to plan for today.

Doom All Aboard Florida by Kicking Out Seven50

All Aboard Florida has sought out and received your tax money so they can socialize the startup costs.  Doing so will grant them a position in a cartel along with publicly owned Amtrak and Tri-Rail to benefit enormously from the Seven50 plan to force people to live along the ladder for which their train path is the spine.

Send a message to your local officials or write letters to the editor highlighting this connection.  If you want to get rid of All Aboard Florida we have to deliver the knockout blow to Seven50.  Without the all but enforced ridership from the Seven50 ladder plan there will be no successful business plan for AAF.  It is just another example of cronyism resulting from failures of planning while actually resulting in more failures of planning as well.

Establishment mouthpieces have been backing Seven50, using ad hominem attacks to those who oppose Seven50 and who are only now starting to see so many others have been seeing. Break out of the box they prefer you fit in. The planners have failed to plan, the plans they have have failed and it has all been missed by those watching the shop.

Sign the petition below and stay up to date on Seven50 and All Aboard Florida.

Start learning how to plan for freedom.  Learn how the traffic problems can be solved. Study the basic principles of human action that dismantles the crackpot ideas used to produce All Aboard Florida and Seven50.

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