2nd Amendment

The recent assault on the Constitution is gravely concerning.  The Liberty Caucus needs you to take action to help ensure our natural rights are protected and not violated.  Take a moment and call Sheriff Ken Mascara of Saint Lucie County and politely let him know your concerns. Watch Sheriffs across the country stepping up for their locales. Read the Utah Sheriffs Association position. Even more Sheriffs stepping up.

There are three methods to contact Sheriff Mascara.

  1. Call Sheriff Mascara at 772-462-7300 and press 0 to be connected to his secretary.goa
  2. Stop by the Sheriff’s office at 4700 West Midway Road.
  3. Sign our petition below.

Most importantly tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors and anyone who will listen do do the same.

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Take another moment to send a petition to Congress