Luis Rivera III writes:

(Note discussion on courts from beginning to 29minute mark)

Here Dr. Walter Block, host Daniel Rothchild and other guests go over a number of topics including:

-Courts in an anarchic society and how applied moral philosophies such as deontology and utilitarianism can help with libertarian hypothetical constructs.

-Punitive settlements which are non-monetary such a installing fear to your perpetrator.

-The differences in battles that legitimate courts would face

-The intrinsic free market hindrances against bandit courts and the intrinsic incentives for legitimate courts.

“The ruling class in America or any country is about…2 percent of the people yet they bamboozle 98 of percent of the people. If 98 percent of the people got together they could knockout the rulers. But what the rulers do is suborn the intellectuals and the intellectuals say…‘divine right of kings, divine right of democracy – These guys are great and we all have to follow them.’ -Walter Block

My Note: The discussion relating to oceans starts around the 29:30 mark.

Walter Block discusses ownership of wildlife such as whales, the largest animals on the planet. Block advocates branding whales like cattle and having property rights not only in a whale or pods but also areas of water they roam secured by electric fences. Can fence off areas for whales to roam or brand them via chips so the stock can be protected.

Block then discusses how this can be applied to salmon which is tougher considering their migratory patterns.

The discussion then moves to how the lack of property rights condemns species to the tragedy of the commons which encourages killing or poaching of species.

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