Vero Beach electric consumers voted the electric utility out.

monopolyBut not by switching providers, they were locked into the monopoly of the city owned electric utility.

They actually had to vote to sell the assets to FPL instead.  Consumers were that unhappy with their monopoly provider.

It appears all along that Vero Beach’s shackled consumers were tied to an entity that was not driven by profit.

And because the city isn’t in the electric service to make profits, he said he’s recommending a rate decrease along with a quarterly evaluation to take into account fluctuations in the market.

Gee, how nice.  Lowing costs to consumers because they have to.  Not because they want to compete for consumer service.  Why try to improve service to consumer when you are a monopoly provider, not driven by profit, but just happy to get by.

Ahh the local Leviathan.

Vero Beach’s finance commission to consider electric rate decrease Wednesday »

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