In the past year many of the local officials have expressed reservations about All About Florida because they do not have a stop planned for different officials territories.

All Aboard Florida has stated that stops could be a part of plans in future but not immediately. It had been hinted that Cocoa and Stuart may be the two most attractive areas for additional stops.

Brevard County has embraced this possibility.

Bob Kamm, executive vice president of the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization, said a link eventually could be established between the All Aboard line and Port Canaveral, which features a booming cruise-ship industry.

“This is a local initiative on our part,” Kamm said. “We’re going to have a study which we will submit and they will deal with as they see fit. We have no guarantees. That’s why I’ve always called it ‘potential.’ They have only agreed to consider us. Just getting it up and running through Brevard positions us for a stop. There’s zero chance if the train doesn’t come.”

Meanwhile officials in Martin County have gone from demanding a stop to outright refusing one.

Here’s a Stuart official in November 2014.

“Stuart has continually maintained its position that since the (All Aboard) trains must slow down to navigate the trestle bridge across the St. Lucie River, and the two sharpest curves on the north-south corridor, the (All Aboard) passenger trains should stop in Stuart before any other communities are considered,” City Manager Nicoletti said.

whining bratListen to the “officials” now.

“I think they’ve burned the bridge,” Nicoletti said. “I just don’t see any interest on the part of any elected officials in Martin County to do that.”


“With no disrespect, I think of Shakespeare: ‘Much ado about nothing,’ ” said longtime Stuart City Commissioner Jeff Krauskopf. “We already explored it and they said no.”

Indian River has recently taken a similar approach.

“Our council has been pretty much opposed to it,” said Vero Beach City Manager Jim O’Connor.

Well Saint Lucie may win as a result of brats like those in Stuart flipflopping.

“All Aboard Florida will work with communities that identify station locations by initiating a predevelopment process, which will include analyzing ridership data and any necessary environmental studies,” Roberts said.

The brats in Martin County had to have what they demanded right away and as a result may be losing any chance of a future station.

All Aboard Florida once snubbed station plan, so Stuart dubious of newfound interest in idea | Video – TC Palm.

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