TCPalm, Lawmakers, Budgets and Courage

TCPalm is out with an editorial blasting state lawmakers.  TCPalm would like the overlords lawmakers to make a moral choice and do the right thing.

For Florida lawmakers, it’s do as I say, not as I do. That’s particularly evident in drafting the state budget.

And, it’s long past time for that practice to end.

Which practice?

The one where threat of armed force compels payment without consent?

If taxation is not robbery, then any band have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.  L. Spooner

We believe that theft is theft and does not become legitimated because organized robbers call their theft “taxation.”  Murray N. Rothbard

Politicians are spongers: they live off money extorted from other people with the threat of violence– which is called ‘taxation’  H.H.Hoppe

Crony Capitalism Intellectual TakeoutOr the one where how your stolen property is dealt out is debated?

Your violators should be held accountable they say.  But under no circumstance should they be held accountable for the crimes committed against you. No the real outrage is after they rob you you aren’t privy to what they do with what they stole from you.

The TCPalm article does give a perfect example of what is afflicting America and that is of cronyism/corporatism that way too many people confuse with capitalism.

What is particularly galling about the practice of secret meetings of legislative leaders in the absence of the public is that lobbyists are often present in those meetings. That’s because lobbyists often write the legislation under consideration for funding. They get to have a say in the final deal while taxpayers are left to provide the money with little input on how their money will be spent.

Sadly TCPalm argues that more accountability will fix it. Yet is is cronyism not budget accountability that is the real problem.  That lobbyists are jockeying for a bigger piece of the pie stolen from you and everyone else 365 days a year.  Politicians, like Pruitt, make very nice incomes since they had the privilege of dealing out your stolen loot.

This is the biggest problem in America.

In the corporatist system the crony pig companies have to compete for the slop of your stolen tax dollars that government dumps out into the trough in favor of their special interest preferences.

And no budget accountability is going to change this.

All Aboard Florida is a perfect example of a company benefiting from the state stealing from you to give to them.

By denying citizens the ability to judge the actions of their state representatives, those representatives can avoid a certain level of accountability.

How about denying the claims of citizens who have had their rights violated and been stolen from?

Change will not take courage as TCPalm argues.  Change will take knowledge.

People must learn economics.

First of all, liberate yourself from false ideas. Study economics. Then go on to convince others. Ludwig von Mises

read rothbard

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