bohm-bawerk-subjective-value_designThe editorial board at TCPalm has shown, once again, they do not have an economic clue.

In the latest example TCPalm says the taxpayers are footing All Aboard Florida’s bill.

Which bill is that?

Well some busybody at the Martin County Property Appraiser wanted to prove they should have a job on the fact that they are fighting to extort higher fees from local residents.

The issue is property values. TCPalm and Martin County parasite and tax-consumer¬†Laurel Kelly decided to do a “study” into what people¬†may be willing to pay for a property.

TCPalm’s editorial board says,

Martin County Property Appraiser Laurel Kelly is to be commended for proposing the study

They are going to spend $60,000 of other peoples money to try to forecast what people may want to pay to buy someone’s property

As anyone who has sold a piece of property knows the value lies in the mind of the beholder.

You can stage a house to squeeze money out of your selling price. You can do some minor repairs and paint jobs to command a higher price.

But the final price anyone will pay depends upon that individuals subjective value.

The obvious truth is the value that anyone will pay for a property is subjective to the individual. Anyone who has sold a piece of property knows that each buyer has a different price.

Property values are not concrete, tangible things. They are in the heads of other people. You cannot own the thoughts of another person.

Parasite Laurel Kelly had to prove her worth and waste tax dollars for a study that (minus stops) will indicate what most already expect. And the economic ignoramuses at TCPalm lauded her for wasting your money.

If TCPalm was offering balanced journalism they may wonder what will happen to the value of Florida East Coast Railway’s property if local jackasses render their property useless for railroads.

Most property owners on the Treasure Coast moved to the railroads after they existed. Hell most cities begged for the railroads to come through the center of town.

But hey the leftist at TCPalm will support anything in the name of majority mob rule.

What a waste of $60,000 dollars.

Thumb down: Treasure Coast taxpayers picking up tab for potential impacts from All Aboard Florida – TC Palm.

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