TCPalm continues their path of biased journalism seeking to community organize in the name of collectivism.

The presstitutes at TCPalm try to frame the issues and in doing so make substantial errors.


TCPalm slyly attempts to blame transportation problems on wholly government controlled roads on All Aboard Florida.

All Aboard Florida has 78 grade crossings on the Treasure Coast. The draft environmental impact statement contains the following notation on potential impacts along the N-S Corridor (Cocoa to West Palm Beach): “The N-S Corridor would result in some degradation in levels of service at the grade crossings and intersections studied, with greater percentages of time within an hour of operation under unacceptable roadway conditions …”

In other words, Treasure Coast motorists can expect to spend more time at rail crossings.

The railroad existed long before the roads. It is road managers responsible for managing traffic and not those whose property the roads crosses. In fact the roads are granted permission to cross the railroad property on the contracted grounds that the government road managers are alone responsible for the crossings.

TCPalm over the course of the last year continues to fail to mention that your local government overlords have done nothing since All Aboard Florida became public in 2012 to meet the safety and transportation needs of residents.

The transportation failures alone fall on government planners who have failed to plan.

Noise and Vibration

TCPalm offers little insight here probably because they fail to grasp the problem. In regards to this concern there are two groups affected. Property owners whose claim predates the railroads and those who do not.

For people that have property claims before the railroad they existed before the nuisance of vibration. They alone have claim to damages.

In regards to property owners who moved next to railroad tracks they have no legitimate claim about vibration. This group of people moved to the nuisance of vibration and noise. They assumed that the level of vibration would not increase and that the level of train traffic when they voluntarily bought property along railroads would remain the same for eternity.

The people who moved next to railroad tracks and incorrectly assumed train traffic would not increase have no legitimate grounds to complain. They took that risk knowing the consequences. People cannot move next door to an airport and complain when the runway gets busier. The same goes for railroad tracks.

Emergency Response

TCPalm again fails to provide  honest journalism by citing complaints about emergency response but failing to report on reality.

Potential delays at rail crossings for emergency response and law enforcement vehicles is a major concern throughout the region — from Sebastian to Hobe Sound.

Emergency response is dominated by government providers. These monopoly providers of emergency response use the same monopolized roads discussed above. Because the above-mentioned government planners have failed to effectively and efficiently manage transportation the consequences of their failures will impact government emergency responders who have also failed to be proactive over the last two years. The problem TCPalm points out is really an extended failure of government planning of transportation.


This is where TCPalm commits the high crime of presstitution.

The Liberty Caucus was the first local group to blast subsidies granted to All ABoard Florida in 2013 as ties to the crony scheme of Seven50 were pointed out.. Others also took to this fault in All Aboard Florida.

Recently All Aboard Florida has looked to forego mooching off taxpayers and special interest subsidies and use private investors to fund the project. TCPalm alleges that by foregoing the use of tax dollars and making the project open to investment is cheating the government out of their cut of the project.

However, raising money through the bonds may still amount to the federal government underwriting the project because the federal treasury would be denied taxes investors normally would pay on interest earned.

Showing TCPalm’s shallowness is that they also advocate for local government control of roads, the same governments that offer tax-free municipal bonds.

TCPalm’s bias for collectivism shows true here. When the majority wants something it is good and when the majority doesn’t want something it is bad. TCPalm channels their Hillary Clinton for this one by alleging that government has a right to exist as a parasite and the host must not resist.


The maritime navigation is the same problem as roads. Waterways are solely controlled by government. They alone manage waterway transportation and in the same manner that road planners have failed to plan since 2012 the waterway navigation bureaucrats have failed miserably.

Because bureaucrats suffer from the problem of economic calculation they do not know how to act. Socialized waterways have costs for navigating and lack price signals. Since they do cannot determine the market rate for efficient maritime navigation they do not the best way forward. whether it be a new bridge or modifying the existing structures. They do not know which solution will be supported by the market. They do not know how best to serve their customers.

Government alone has full control of the waterways and they alone are failing to meet the demands of their customers.


TCPalm is failing as journalist organization to be honest. Instead they seek to push convenient agenda in tune with their collectivism that looks to increase the powers of the officials that TCPalm needs interviews and comments to make their bullshit “news” seem credible.

Though the outfit has not yet been sold from Scripps to Journal Media, TCPalm long ago sold out from the Scripps motto of showing the light and instead has been reflecting the light to their preferred path.

Editorial: Seize opportunity to speak publicly on All Aboard Florida – Story.

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