Rothbard taxesGovernment never has enough.  Ever.

Bureaucrats have budgets that must be spent to justify the budgets for next year.

Entrepreneurs look to save by making their dollars work harder for the almighty profit incentive.  Profit that allows them to hire more, pay more and stay in business keeping workers employed and customer needs/wants fulfilled.

Government is just the opposite.

Now Martin County is asking for more from people in a down economy to pay for items that should already have funds if it weren’t for government largess and bureaucratic ineptitude.

So the Martin BOCC will hold a meeting to review and then will put legalized theft and extortion to the ballot in 2014.

Why is it that people who claim to oppose theft and violence are so willing to employ others to do it for them?

Shaping Our Future: Martin commissioners to discuss sales tax issue for 2014 ballot »

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