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SLC Sheriff’s Raid Store for Satisfying Customers

Local law enforcement raided a local convenience store for satisfying customers. Unfortunately for the abduction victims the goods sold were sanctioned by their overlords. Local and federal officials Wednesday raided a convenience store where a St. Lucie County sheriff’s sergeant said illegal drugs were sold over the counter, according to records released Thursday and the […]

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Road Piracy, False Flags, and the State’s Crime Cartel

by William N. Grigg Joe David, a former California Highway Patrol officer, has made a considerable fortune byteaching police officers who to steal under the color of “law” through his “Desert Snow” consulting firm. When he arrived in Meridian, Idaho for a two-day “asset forfeiture” seminar on August 10, he probably didn’t expect to be […]

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Costumed Men in Saint Lucie Arrest Local Gardener

Local thugs with costumes and shiny objects arrested a 51-year old gardener. Apparently the plants he was growing weren’t approved by your overlords and their tax-sucking henchmen abducted the poor soul at gunpoint. Now they are holding him in a cage for ransom over the type of vegetation he preferred to grow. Source: Man charged […]

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