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Private Philanthropy: The Subject Your History Textbook Left Out

The American people give vastly more in philanthropic donations on a percentage basis than anyone in the world. This is the best-kept secret in American textbooks. Any schoolboy would have the impression that government intervention is required in order to get things done — after all, who else is going to do it? The suppressed […]

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The Voluntary City: Urban Problems

What is a Voluntary City? It is a community built and maintained by private initiative and cooperation, not by the coercive political institutions that many people assume are needed to make communities work. Independent Institute Research Fellow Robert P. Murphy explains with examples of how private initiatives can provide social services.

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Are You a Thug?

by Marc J Victor Some people are thugs.  As a practicing criminal defense attorney, I sometimes get to meet and talk with thugs.[1]  Most of the thugs I represent know they are thugs, and some of them are even proud to be thugs.  Most people don’t think of themselves as “thugs.”  This is because most […]

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The Voluntary Sector vs The Violent Sector

by Perry Willis I think we should start using these terms — The Voluntary Sector and The Violent Sector. Here’s why… Currently, people use these labels… The Public Sector The Private Sector I think these terms are deceptive, and cause mischief in the mind. The word “public” is mostly used when referring to anything involving […]

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