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We Must Declare Independence

by Ron Paul ​As Independence Day comes around again we should spend a few moments between barbecue and fireworks to think about the meaning of independence. The colonists who rebelled against the British Crown were, among other things, unhappy about taxation. Yet, as economist Gary North points out, the total burden of British imperial taxation […]

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Government Can’t Help; It Can Only Hurt 

By Ron Paul Three recent stories regarding three government agencies — the IRS, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — show why we should oppose big government for practical, as well as philosophical, reasons. In recent months, many Americans have missed their flights because of longer-than-usual TSA security lines. […]

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tom rooney

Congresscriminal Tom Rooney Too Stupid to Breathe

Laurence Vance writes: “In the wake of incidents involving TSA agents sexually assaulting air travelers and conspiring to smuggle drugs,” you might think Congresscriminals would finally admit that this utter debacle of a bureaucracy was anti-Constitutional from the start and pull the plug. But then they’d be ordinary, sensible folks instead of high-and-mighty rulers. No, […]

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The TSA’s 95 Percent Failure Rate

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security decided to test the effectiveness of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by conducting a series of undercover tests. The results were quite shocking. Investigators were able to smuggle mock explosive and banned weapons in 67 out of 70 attempts. That’s a failure rate of 95 percent!  

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