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The Skyscraper Curse

This lecture was presented to the Economics Club of Auburn University at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 8 September 2015. The powerpoint presentation used in the lecture is available below. https://mises.org/system/tdf/Thornton_20150908.mp3 https://mises.org/system/tdf/Is%20There%20Such%20a%20Thing%20as%20the%20Skyscraper%20Curse.pptx Source: Individual Lectures | Mises Institute

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The Skyscrapers Are Coming!

Senior Fellow Mark Thornton is interviewed on The Power & Market Report. Dr. Thornton discusses the Skyscraper curse in Auburn, Alabama, the relationship between skyscrapers and the Austrian business cycle, and why the market forgets about crises. https://mises.org/system/tdf/Thornton_20150914_Power%20and%20Market.mp3 Source: Individual Interviews | Mises Institute

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Mark Thornton on the Minimum Wage

Interviewed by host Paul Molloy, Mark Thornton discusses a recent Mises Daily article on the consequences of setting a minimum salary of $70,000. They also examine the negative impact of the minimum wage, and how fair wages are determined by the market. https://mises.org/system/tdf/Thornton_Paul%20Malloy_20150813.mp3 You can read the Mises Daily article they review by clicking here. Source: […]

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14 Years with the LvMI: An Interview with Dr. Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton is interviewed by Phil Pepin on The Pursuit of Freedom radio show. They discuss Dr. Thornton’s experiences teaching Austrian economics, the development of the Mises Institute and Austrian economics from the beginning, and the growing acceptance (and opposition) of Austrian ideas in the United States. https://mises.org/system/tdf/POF-2015-06-17-Mark-Thornton_final.mp3 Questions: 2:25 – Most memorable moments teaching […]

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How to Stop the Violence

Mark Thornton and host Albert Lu discuss the recent violence and in cities such as Ferguson or Baltimore, and if the solution to this ‘urban blight’ is more punishment and enforcement of the individual, or more economic and personal liberty for the individual. http://direct.mises.org/sites/default/files/Thornton_Power%20and%20Market_20150515.mp3 Source: Individual Interviews | Mises Institute

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