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The Truth About War and the State

by Lew Rockwell This talk was delivered at the Peace and Prosperity 2016 Conference of the Ron Paul Institute. Not long ago I was thinking about the legacy of Murray N. Rothbard, the brilliant scholar and the creator of the libertarian movement, as well as a dear friend to both Ron and me. Would that […]

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Government Can’t Help; It Can Only Hurt 

By Ron Paul Three recent stories regarding three government agencies — the IRS, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — show why we should oppose big government for practical, as well as philosophical, reasons. In recent months, many Americans have missed their flights because of longer-than-usual TSA security lines. […]

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You Wouldn’t Go Next Door To Rob Your Neighbor, So Why Get Government To Do It For You?

By Ron Paul Every election, we’re told that “this is the most important election in history”. Surely we were told so when Barack Obama was elected. It was so important because we were supposedly choosing between a continuation of George W. Bush’s policies of continuous war and Barack Obama’s who was going to turn the […]

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