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Thomas DiLorenzo: This is How Cultural Marxism Destroys Education

Thomas James DiLorenzo (born August 8, 1954) is an American economics professor at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business. In this clip, he talks about how leftists switched from economic socialism to cultural marxism and how this affected education, especially at universities. Thomas James DiLorenzo (born August 8, 1954) is an American economics professor […]

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Rape Culture Hysteria

We live in a “rape culture,” according to many feminists these days, in which men are by definition rapists and in which rape is encouraged and considered normal. In fact, rape is punished severely and some people’s lives have been ruined because they were assumed to be guilty when they weren’t, so what could this […]

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OMG: Social Justice Warriors Bleed for Disenfranchisement of Killers (VIDEO)

OMG! Social Justice Warriors upset that criminals (like the 25-life manslaughter convict) don’t have their voting rights which makes them feel like “criminals.” That’s racist of course. One lady says that not having her voting rights may lead her backwards. The message of the “disenfranchised” is that voting will help them to get a house […]

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Confronting the Social Justice Warriors

Lauren Southern has become a phenomenon by standing up to the craziest of the crazies among the left, including within the Libertarian Party itself, where an SJW contingent tried to take over the Canadian contingent. Members of the tolerant, open-minded left even poured urine on her,in an incident that made headlines. Source: Ep. 618 Confronting […]

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