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Special Interest Groups stop the elimination of Regional Planning Councils

From Alexander Snitker: We recently alerted you to the bills filed by Senator Wilton Simpson (SB 484) and Representative Debbie Mayfield (HB 873). These bills as filed would have eliminated Regional Planning Councils. The 11 Florida Regional Planning Councils receive millions of dollars of federal government grants to promote “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Living” growth […]

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All Aboard Florida: Forget Property Rights Because Small-Town Populism Matters

Because It Matters host Mark Gotz interviews Phyllis Frey of the poorly named American Coalition 4 Property Rights. The interview starts by covering the scheme known as the Seven50 Poverty Plan. In the fight against Seven50 individuals against government overreach that would violate property rights. Frey and Gotz do a good job pointing out the […]

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ac4pr american coalition for property rights

AC4PR Property Rights Group Foresakes Property Rights

AC4PR, the American Coalition 4 Property Rights, has given up their core principle of property rights in favor of convenience rather than attack the failures of the socialism. AC4PR opposed Seven50 for the Seven50 scheme was to erode property rights of property owners and favor bureaucratic largesse passed out to their beholden special interests. Now AC4PR […]

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The Miami Herald Supports Government Markets to Sell Locally Grown Food. Click to See All the Fallacies the Herald Supports

Seven50 Miami Herald: Their Future Your Submission

Seven50 Miami Herald: Their Future Depends On Your Submission Seven50: Miami Herald’s Editorial Board attempts to disguise its authoritative decision as an opinion.   The rag begins with covering past growth and implying that growth will always continue and we must be ready for that. This is the future the Miami Herald sees: More crowded roads, yes, but […]

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Planning Penalty: How Seven50’s Smart Growth Makes Housing UnAffordable

by Randal O’Toole Smart growth and other forms of growth-management planning create artificial housing shortages that impose significant burdens on low-income families and first-time homebuyers. This paper examines several sources of housing data to determine the specific effects of growth-management planning on housing prices. Data examined include: Median family income and median value of owner-occupied […]

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