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Eroding Property Rights – EPA’s Expanding Authority Would Control Water – Judge Andrew Napolitano

EPA Want To Control All Water Even Puddles In Your Yard & If You Violate Their Regulation Could Be Fine $37,500 A Day Wake Up America Your Republic & Freedom In Grave Danger Eroding Property Rights – EPA’s Expanding Authority Would Control Water – Judge Andrew Napolitano   via ▶ Eroding Property Rights – EPA’s […]

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Seven 50

Seven50: Property Rights

Kirsten Lombard, Organizer for the Wisconsin 9/12 Project, presents on the topic of Property Rights and how government programs for developing land aren’t as beneficial as they seem. Grant money, Farmland Preservation Agreements, and Conservation Easements are just a few examples of how the government can control and tell you what you can and can’t […]

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Eminent Domain2

Obama’s Homeland Security Seizing Private Citizen Property Via Eminent Domain Along Mexico Border

NOGALES, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) –The feds’ are exercising eminent domain along the Mexico border– buying up property- but paying very little for it. Landowners in Santa Cruz county are livid. “A man’s home is his castle,” said Tony Sedgwick, the co-owner and manager of Carmencita Ranch. “We’ve owned that since the 1950′s.” But now Sedgwick is […]

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rothbard gang

Expanding Eminent Domain

The monopolist on force, government, is using an unjust law to do the opposite of the basic function of government- to protect the individual and their property from aggression by another.  Using eminent domain the mafia government is stealing property from those who they are supposed to protect. via ▶ FOX NEWS: Expanding Eminent Domain […]

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Upcoming Webinar on Property Rights

Please join us for a webinar which examines the US Supreme Court’s recent decision in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District. The program will feature special guest speaker Paul Beard of the Pacific Legal Foundation, who argued for Koontz in the Supreme Court. Please click HERE to register for the webinar. View the calendar event […]

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