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The Literal Poison of Democratic Socialism 

by Thomas DiLorenzo Latin America is once again demonstrating the social poison of “democratic socialism,” the ideology that won Bernie Sanders more than 13 million votes in the Democratic primaries. Socialism – democratic or otherwise – is not only destructive of a nation’s economy, as history proved over and over again during the twentieth century; […]

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Army Corps pollutes St. Lucie River, evades Clean Water Act

by Mark Miller Today, the Stuart News—Florida’s paper of record when it comes to the St. Lucie River—published my op-ed on the destruction the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers visits upon this river each day when the Corps discharges polluted waters into the St. Lucie River via the C-44 canal. You may think you don’t […]

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Government Water Supply Is Contaminated? Don’t Blame Government, Urges Krugman

You’ll never guess how Krugman apportions blame for the polluted water fiasco in Flint, Michigan. Wait, you probably will. Bob and Tom exonerate libertarianism in this episode! http://traffic.libsyn.com/contrakrugman/ck_2016_01_29.mp3 Source: Contra Krugman: Ep. 20 Government Water Supply Is Contaminated? Don’t Blame Government, Urges Krugman

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EPA Spills Million of Gallons of Toxic Waste into Colorado River #IndianRiverLagoon

Note: The EPA will not pay out fines for their mistake though they fine others for the same mistake. The EPA has claimed sovereign immunity from their grave errors. Read more on this bullshit here. by John Vibes: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal organization in charge of fining and arresting people and companies […]

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indian river lagoon distress

Gayle Harrell’s Soggy Socialism

CONservative republican Gayle Harrell has published a letter touting her soggy socialist plan for saving resources from governmental waste. In doing so she shows fiscal recklessness. Government has spent billions draining the Everglades and “managing” the nightmare they created in addition to the disaster of decades of failed “management.” Working together as a delegation led by […]

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