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The Police State’s War on Dogs 

Prepare to be outraged. According to the Department of Justice, at least 25 dogs are gunned down by police officers on a daily basis. To make matters worse, a high number of these family pets are innocent bystanders—fatal victims of reactionary, “worst case scenario” police training. If you like the work here then please donate […]

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Discrimination & Equality Before the Law — Ben O’Neill 

Ben O’Neill presents at the Australian Mises Seminar. Please see the time-stamps for specific content below: — 3:23 Demographic Profiling — 5:11 Detection of lawbreaking, Enforcement of sanctions — 7:41 Concrete Example of Discrimination. Who is more likely to be carrying weed? — 12:00 Detection (rational), Enforcement (irrational) — 14:30 Common Enforcement Pattern — 17:30 […]

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The Broken Windows Theory of Policing Has Failed 

by Ryan McMaken One of the most successful ideological movements waged by government agencies in recent decades has been the so-called Broken Windows theory of policing. Popularized in the 1980s by George Kelling, the theory states that if minor violations are ignored — such as the breaking of a window on private property — then those […]

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