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14 Years After Decriminalization, Portugal’s Drug Fatalities Rank Second Lowest in EU

by Barry Donegan: In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs, replacing criminal penalties with civil penalties and court-ordered stints in drug treatment. As The Washington Post‘s Christopher Ingraham points out, supporters of the US War on Drugs have in the past offered up gloomy predictions as to the escalating rates of drug use that would eventually befall Portugal […]

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Fixing The Cop Problem

by Eric Peters You’ve no doubt heard the term, “checks and balances.” It’s usually mentioned in the context of government – of the American form of government (well, its theoretical form) in particular. The idea that the legislative branch acts as a check on the powers of the executive, while the judicial balances the legislative […]

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How Police Terrorized Disabled Woman

Local law enforcement have terrorized a disable woman over the last two years. Sandra Silasavage was disabled due to a horse accident that disfigured her spine. But at 60 disabled and never arrested a day before in her life she was terrorized by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Freeman. Cruising along at a steady 57mph […]

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