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Martin County Fails and then Demands Concessions

Martin County has failed its citizens tremendously and these failures are coming to light because of All Aboard Florida. The “planners” in Martin County have failed to plan for anything since All Aboard Florida became public in 2012. Despite previous “planners” in Martin County asking for the railroad in the center of town and then […]

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Zoning Regulations: A Tale of Extortion and an Alternative

From the Sustainable Freedom Lab: This is a story of lies, political corruption and arrogance that led to the extortion of a respected small business owner and effected an entire community.  The names have been altered to prevent further harassment by town officials.  William’s independent grocery store has been a staple in his mid-western community […]

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Walter Block: Citizen vs. Government Planning

ue Jeffers, radio talk show host from KTCN 1130 AM, discusses economics with Austrian Economist Walter Block, Associate Scholar, with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The big question is, who is better at planning; millions of citizens or a handful of government elites. via LV | Walter Block Citizen vs. Government Planning | 4-13-12 – […]

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