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Trump’s Budget: Radical Change or More of the Same?

By Ron Paul ​President Donald Trump’s proposed budget has generated hysteria among the American left. Prominent progressives have accused the president and his allies of wanting to kill children, senior citizens, and other vulnerable Americans. The reaction of the president’s allies — including some conservatives who should know better — is equally detached from reality […]

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Ron Paul: Send Marco Rubio To Outer Space Where He Belongs

Let’s clarify one thing. Rubio gets a one-way ticket. Video available at: http://buzzfeed-video1.s3.amazonaws.com/video/2015/11/17/RonPaulonRubio-624×350.mp4. Former congressman Ron Paul, the father of Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, said Friday that he’d “like to send” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and politicians like him “to outer space” because of his “crazy” proposals for military spending. Paul made the remarks […]

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Without Authority, Obama’s Syria War Illegal 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to end his country’s air campaign in Syria because he does not have the votes in the parliament to continue. President Obama has gotten around this by simply ignoring Congress and the Constitution. That means that Obama’s expanding war in Syria and Iraq is illegal. Will the […]

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