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If We Can’t Do It, The Government Shouldn’t Do It Either

Tom Woods on what he learned from Murray Rothbard. We can’t steal … but government calls it an “income tax” and steals with reckless abandon. We can’t counterfeit … but government’s monopoly bank calls it “Quantitative Easing” and destroys the purchasing power of the currency. We can’t kidnap … but government institutes military drafts whenever […]

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The Truth About War and the State

by Lew Rockwell This talk was delivered at the Peace and Prosperity 2016 Conference of the Ron Paul Institute. Not long ago I was thinking about the legacy of Murray N. Rothbard, the brilliant scholar and the creator of the libertarian movement, as well as a dear friend to both Ron and me. Would that […]

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Ali Won His Greatest Fight

Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War was said by some to be his greatest, self-imposed, defeat. With the passage of time — and so many more wars — history may tell a very different story. What was the impact of Ali’s stance on the war?

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Gun Control Fails: What Happened in England, Ireland, and Canada

by Ryan McMaken In the past, I have noted that, even using the official homicide rates uncritically, the US is not the outlier it is claimed to be in terms of homicide rates. Numerouscountries with a Human Development Index values (according to the UN) comparable to several OECD members have homicide rates that are similar […]

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