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Government Regulation and Crony Capitalism is Keeping Thousands in Florida without Power

by Tho Bishop Almost two weeks have passed since Hurricane Irma made landfall in South Florida, yet tens of thousands remain without power. With temperatures regularly eclipsing over 90 degrees, these outages are not only a grave inconvenience for Floridians cleaning up after the storm, but have proved to be deadly. Given the power of Irma, it is […]

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End the State’s Monopoly on Policing

by Tate Fegley Compared to the general population, advocates of a minimal state and those of a stateless society overwhelmingly agree on a vast majority of political issues. I wish to argue here that there should be at least one more agreement between them than there traditionally has been: policing services need not be monopolized […]

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The Fed Says No to Pot Money, Unless it’s the Government’s Pot Money 

by Johnathan Newman The Federal Reserve told a federal judge in Colorado to dismiss a lawsuit by Fourth Corner Credit Union, blocking marijuana businesses in the state from legal banking services. This is just one of the many legal conundrums the budding industry has had to face since state law branched away from federal law on marijuana. […]

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