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Andy Duncan: The Charade of Independence for UKIP and Scotland

Jeff Deist and Andy Duncan discuss the rise of UKIP in England, and whether it represents a real populist anti-state uprising or just rightist politics. Andy skewers the strutting political class in London, and the charade of voting Labour or Conservative based on minute policy differences. They also discuss the upcoming Scottish independence vote, and […]

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Marc Victor: Attorney For Freedom

Jeff Deist and Marc J. Victor discuss what’s happening in Ferguson, our disappearing legal rights, and how having Butler Shaffer as a law professor radicalized him and shaped his libertarian views. Website: http://AttorneyForFreedom.com Keynote Speech at Casey’s Conference: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jUow1DhAubA   via Marc Victor: Attorney For Freedom – YouTube.

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mises weekends

Marc Abela: Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons

Jeff Deist and Marc Abela discuss the Bank of Japan’s failed twenty-five year program of monetary stimulus, the resulting creation of insolvent zombie banks, and the impossibility of “Abenomics”. You’ll enjoy hearing about Toshio Murata—a Japanese student of Mises in the 1950s—who painstakingly translated ‘Human Action’ into Japanese, who is still alive today. And, you […]

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Inside the Mind of Mises

Jeff Deist and Guido Hülsmann discuss Hülsmann’s years spent writing Mises’s biography (‘Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism’), the serendipitous discovery of Mises’s papers in Moscow that made the book possible, how Mises endured and kept working as Europe burned, and how Mises’s personal sacrifices helped pave the way for Austrian academics working today. via […]

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police state

Against the Police State

William Norman Grigg and Jeff Deist discuss the rise of the American police state and how the militarization of the local law enforcement is turning communities into battlefields, like what we see in Fort Pierce today. A community plagued by failed prohibition policies, economic interventionism and violence. Grigg also discusses MRAPs. via William Norman Grigg: […]

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Reporting the Revolution

Jeff Deist and Brian Doherty discuss Brian’s role as both a participant in—and observer of—libertarian circles, the impact of Austrian economics on today’s intellectual debate, Ron Paul’s lasting legacy, and why for the first time ever it’s cool to be a young libertarian. via Brian Doherty: Reporting the Revolution – YouTube.

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