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What Must Be Done | Guest Panel 

Featuring Bill Haynes (CMI Gold and Silver, Inc., CMI-Gold-Silver.com), Kathryn Muratore (Fresno, California), Jordan Ausman (Beyond Software, BeyondSW.com), Marc Victor (AttorneyforFreedom.com), Hunter Hastings (BHC Consulting, San Diego), Taylor Conant (Valueprax.WordPress.com), Don Printz, M.D. (Stone Mountain, Georgia), and Peter Kallman (Liberty.Menu). Includes introductions by Jeff Deist. If you like the work here then please donate today. […]

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mises weekends

Andy Duncan: The Charade of Independence for UKIP and Scotland

Jeff Deist and Andy Duncan discuss the rise of UKIP in England, and whether it represents a real populist anti-state uprising or just rightist politics. Andy skewers the strutting political class in London, and the charade of voting Labour or Conservative based on minute policy differences. They also discuss the upcoming Scottish independence vote, and […]

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bastiat seen meme

Don’t Assume What Is “Unseen” Doesn’t Exist

By Gary Galles: The use of the ceteris paribus, or “other things equal” assumption is an essential aspect of economic education. It is an important caveat that helps make sense of a complicated world by clarifying the incentive stories that comprise the core of economics. http://library.mises.org//media/Audio%20Mises%20Daily/Dont%20Assume%20What%20Is%20Unseen%20Doesnt%20Exist.mp3 Unfortunately, the often unthinking acceptance of that phrase has […]

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farm subsidies

When Steelers Steal

By Christopher Westley In Alabama last week, an estimated 900 union reps, politicians, local business owners, and their families rallied to raise awareness of supposed steel import dumping and how it threatens their way of life. They have a point. When a competitor enters a market selling a homogeneous product and can undercut the price […]

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shaffer libertarian intellectual property

A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property

In this monograph, Butler Shaffer addresses an important question that has aroused much interest among libertarians: What is the status of intellectual property? Are patents and copyrights legitimate? This is a major contribution to libertarian legal theory and an indispensable guide to a vital topic. http://library.mises.org//media/A%20Libertarian%20Critique%20of%20Intellectual%20Property/A%20Libertarian%20Critique%20of%20Intellectual%20Property.mp3 via A Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property – Mises […]

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hoppe seminar

WWI: The Beginning of the End

Hans Hermann-Hoppe gives an important talk at the Costs of War seminar put on by the Mises Institute.  Hoppe discusses how World War I was the beginning of the end of civilization. Listen below or here. http://library.mises.org/media/The%20Costs%20of%20War/World%20War%20I%20as%20the%20End%20of%20Civilization%20Hans-Hermann%20Hoppe.mp3 World War I as the End of Civilization – Mises Media.

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