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Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison

Clay Barnett narrates a recent Mises Daily by Ryan McMaken that argues that the United States system of government is setup to benefit special and well-connected interests of the elites while ignoring the average citizen. Listen below or here. http://library.mises.org//media/Audio%20Mises%20Daily/Our%20Oligarchs%20Can%20Thank%20James%20Madison.mp3 Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison – Mises Media.

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TAC: Understanding Madison’s Notes on Nullification

By Michael Maharrey Many opponents of nullification point James Madison’s 1835 Notes on Nullification and claim he opposed the idea. The Madison-penned Virginia Resolutions of 1798, along with hisVirginia Report of 1800, serve as foundational documents in understanding the principles of nullification. But nullification-deniers use the Notes to argue Madison didn’t mean what he appeared to say in 1798, and in fact, never […]

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Mark Levin Doubles Down on James Madison and Nullification. He’s Still Wrong

By Mike Maharrey: Radio pundit Mark Levin still insists James Madison opposed nullification wholesale despite direct evidence to the contrary. Madison did write several letters and articles in the 1830s that appear on the surface to oppose nullification. But he was addressing a specific doctrine of nullification concocted by John C. Calhoun and South Carolina […]

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