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Why I Have Hope

by Ron Paul [This article appears in the January-February 2016 issue of The Austrian.] I think the most exciting message for me today is that things are changing. Often, when I come to these events, people ask me, “isn’t this grueling, isn’t this very tough?” It’s not, though, and it’s actually a little bit selfish […]

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Ron Paul

The Seamless Web of Liberty

by Ron Paul Many people think the Internal Revenue Service was violating civil liberties when it harassed tea party groups. After all, the groups were targeted because they wanted to exercise their civil liberty to challenge government policies. However, the specific issue in the IRS case was the groups’ application for tax-exempt status, which seems […]

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roger stone

The Florida Senate Race Just Got More Fun

Great news in Florida as there is now an actual a choice rather than the same pro-spending, pro-war, pro-debt candidates of Patrick Murphy and Roger Desantis. Roger Stone Planning Run for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat http://t.co/IX6BmWfFgz via @newtimesbroward@RogerJStoneJr — Karl Dickey (@karldickey) May 29, 2015 The BrowardPalmBeachNewTimes covers the story: Political “hit man,” Roger Stone — Richard […]

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