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What Harry Browne Taught Us

Jeff Deist remarks from his talk entitled Libertarian, Heal Thyself : I’m sure many people in this room remember the late Harry Browne, who was an investment advisor and a great libertarian. In fact he was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president in 1996 and 2000. Harry was a superb public speaker; very tall and […]

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Hans Hermann Hoppe, “On The Ethics of Argumentation”

From the recently-concluded Eleventh Annual Meeting of the PFS, Bodrum, Turkey (Sept. 1–6, 2016). At repeated requests from many sides – and given my already advanced stage in life – I have deemed it appropriate to take this opportunity to speak a bit about myself. Not about my private life, of course, but about my work. And […]

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Marc Feldman – Liberty Champion

An unapologetic advocate of liberty for all, Dr. Marc Feldman ran to become the Libertarian Party nominee for president of the United States. He finished fifth in the voting. Featured here are excerpts from the Libertarian Party Debate that display a sampling of his laser-sharp comments. Shockingly, the 56-year-old doctor was found dead in a […]

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What Happened to the Revolution?

By Ron Paul In a recent interview I was asked why Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” had seemingly attracted so much support among young people. In fact polls suggest Sanders is the most popular candidate among people aged 18-29, and 51 percent of that same age group appears fed up with “capitalism in its […]

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