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US (In)Justice Department Created Mess In Oregon

The media and various interest groups are framing the Oregon standoff as a simple matter of an armed militia challenging the government. This is unfortunate, as the real issue is that of federal government over-reach and bullying. Joining the Liberty Report today is special guest Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor at Reason Magazine, to discuss how […]

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Ben Swann Announces “JUST US” Jury Nullification

Ben Swann, Luke Rudowski, Tatiana Moroz, Jeff Berwick, Josh Tolley, Angela Keaton, Jordan Page, Bob Murphy and Joby Weeks talk about a new public awareness campaign they have begun to encourage jury nullification. it is called “Just Us”. Go sign up for jury duty and learn more at www.benswann.com via ▶ Ben Swann Announces “JUST […]

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