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Got Snook?

Indian River Lagoon: Tragedy of the Commons Hurts Sebastian Inlet Clam Farms

Eve Samples has a column on clam businesses on the Treasure Coast. This column highlights how the tragedy of the commons is negatively impacting local clam farms and seafood businesses. Walter Block defines the tragedy of the commons: When a resource such as an endangered species is unowned, in the vernacular owned “in common” by […]

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The Austrian Paradigm in Environmental Economics

Professor Ed Dolan gives a lecture at the 2014 Austrian Economics Research Conference titled The Austrian Paradigm in Environmental Economics. Ed Dolan also has published two blogs posts on this paradigm.  Air Pollution as a Coordination Problem The Case for Emissions Trading   The Austrian Paradigm in Environmental Economics :: The Mises Economics Blog: The Circle […]

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Ed Killer Frustrated with Lagoon’s Killers

Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper journalist Ed Killer may be the first person at Scripps to finally shed a sliver of truth regarding the full assault on the Indian River Lagoon by the government. For that, we thank you, Ed! From reading his article here, it appears that Mr. Killer, in great frustration over the un-navigable […]

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drain everglades say legislature

Who Drained the Everglades?

Originally Published at Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) 2002 by Clay Landry President George W. Bush and Florida governor Jeb Bush recently signed an agreement affirming that an $8 billion, 30-year federal plan to repair the Everglades will at least partially restore the natural flow of water through the wetlands. But environmentalists should not […]

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Nobody could dump their trash on your yard without having to pay the price. Allow property rights in water and make polluters pay

Utilize Property Rights to Make the Polluter Pay

Published at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) 1995 By Jonathan Alder Mr. Adler is Associate Director of Environmental Studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. Making the Polluter Pay Common Law Remedies Provide Better Solutions to Environmental Pollution The experience of the past few decades indicates that “pollution control” is often a […]

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forest removal

Without Property Rights, There Would Be No Environment

by Andrea Santoriello and Dr. Walter Block Originally published at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Externalities and the Environment Property Rights Protect the Environment We operate under a free enterprise economic system that produces plastic milk jugs and redwood picnic tables. The market is therefore responsible for such environmental problems as too much plastic […]

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hoover dam

What Has the Government Done to Our Environment?

by Russell Madden Government Causes More Harm to the Environment Than Businesses or Individual Citizens When the subject is the environment, the public perception is that a resource of such importance can only be adequately safeguarded by the benevolent, all-encompassing hands of the government. Whether that protection comes in the guise of the Environmental Protection […]

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