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John Kerry’s War: Syrian Strike Means Big Money for lawmakers

From Joshua Cook at BenSwann.com: The Department of Defense’s missile and munitions budget is $9.2 billion so a missile strike on Syria means a big payout for defense companies like Raytheon and Boeing. According to DefenseNews.com, the planned Syria strike wouldn’t be cheap. “A cruise missile strike against Syria could cost the Pentagon hundreds of […]

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Obama Seems Unable To Limit the Counterproductive U.S. War on Terror: Newsroom: The Independent Institute

By Ivan Eland: A true cynic would question the timing of Middle East-wide U.S. embassy closings and a barrage of drone attacks in Yemen when the Obama administration is defending its intrusive spying on Americans after exposure by an intelligence agency contractor. Although in May, President Obama told us that he would wind down the […]

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Why Are We At War In Yemen?

By Ron Paul Why Are We At War In Yemen?Most Americans are probably unaware that over the past two weeks the US has launched at least eight drone attacks in Yemen, in which dozens have been killed. It is the largest US escalation of attacks on Yemen in more than a decade. The US claims […]

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Egypt and the Corruption of American Values

At FEE Jacob Hornberger writes: An article on U.S. foreign aid to Egypt by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank goes a long way in showing how conservative and liberal statists continue to lead our nation down a road of corrupted morals and values. The article, entitled “Rand Paul Rebuked by Fellow Republicans on Foreign Aid,” mocks Paul […]

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The Anti-Imperialism of Mises

By Leonard P. Liggio [This originally appeared as “Mises and History,” in the January 1974 edition of The Libertarian Forum.] The death of Ludwig von Mises has brought forth numerous essays on his contribution to economics. It is equally in order to discuss his work in the historical sciences, as he called them. Having had the […]

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Rothbard On U.S. Foreign Aggression & Interventionism

Brian McWilliams at Lions of Liberty writes: Considering the U.S. involvement in the current Egyptian and Syrian affairs, and its penchant for meddling with dictators, democracies and military coups, this week’s Monday’s With Murray will focus upon Rothbard’s take on foreign interventionism. This is an excerpt from his book, “For a New Liberty“: In the name of […]

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New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

by Ron Paul Looking at the banners in the massive Egyptian protests last week, we saw many anti-American slogans. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government that was deposed by the military last week was very critical of what it saw as US support for the coup. Why is it that all sides in this Egyptian civil […]

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