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The Creeping Gun Confiscation in California

Will Grigg details how California is implementing a gun confiscation statute that could have chilling effects on the right of self-defense and further monoplize the government’s use of force. http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/4hzl9jalxs/Freedom_Zealot_Podcast_January_3_2016.mp3 Source: Freedom zealot podcast january 3 2016 – FreedomZealot – Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload

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What’s Wrong with Bernie Sanders’ Demand for More Fringe Benefits for Workers? 

Tom DiLorenzo discusses the problems with Sanders’ demand for more paid vacation time, sick leave, and family leave. DiLorenzo also challenges the conventional narrative about labor unions. You’ll feel sorry for Bernie when it’s all over. Nah, probably you won’t. Source: Ep. 471 What’s Wrong with Bernie Sanders’ Demand for More Fringe Benefits for Workers? | […]

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Body Cameras Won’t Help

by Christopher Cantwell Police Body Cameras Will Further The Surveillance State, Not Police Accountability It strikes me as simultaneously amusing and frightening to see how many otherwise well meaning people will simply buy whatever “solution” a government proposes to a problem that same government created. As black supremacists riot, burn down buildings, and shut down […]

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Ron Paul

The Seamless Web of Liberty

by Ron Paul Many people think the Internal Revenue Service was violating civil liberties when it harassed tea party groups. After all, the groups were targeted because they wanted to exercise their civil liberty to challenge government policies. However, the specific issue in the IRS case was the groups’ application for tax-exempt status, which seems […]

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Whatever Happened to Peace Officers?

Police as Your Owners

When a police officer turns his attention to you, he considers himself your owner — and an owner is entitled to destroy his property if he sees fit to do so. http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/pvgxp3cns2/Freedom_Zealot_Podcast_June_16_2015.mp3 Source: Freedom zealot podcast june 16 2015 – FreedomZealot – Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload

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