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100 Years Ago: Why Bankers Created the Fed

By Christopher Westley: The Democratic Party gained prominence in the first half of the nineteenth century as being the party that opposed the Second Bank of the United States. In the process, it tapped into an anti-state sentiment that proved so strong that we wouldn’t see another like it until the next century. Its adversaries were […]

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PBS Drops a Bombshell on the Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday Party

PBS promised a “debate” this past Friday night on the “benefits and dangers” of the Federal Reserve as the Fed marks its 100 years of existence tomorrow. Instead of a debate, two famous stock market historians made the same stunning announcement – that the Fed has decided its job is to push up the stock […]

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Helicopter Ben: Asset Bubble, Look Out Below!

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), Ben Bernanke, admitted in January that there are no options left to “stimulate” the economy. For those unaware of the function of the Fed, it’s sole purpose is to manage employment and inflation through the country’s monetary policy.   Unfortunately for the Fed and Keyneisan’s, their record […]

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