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Stop Seven50

The Economics          Your Rights         Videos          Resources     Stop Seven50 Take Action Today to Stop Seven50 Why Stop Seven50 Stop Seven 50 from allowing unelected bureaucrats to make decisions with authority over your property on dictated commands of special interests, cronies and lobbyists.  Take action today to fight […]

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Liberty Medical Supply: the Folly of Economic Intervention

Bloomberg News is reporting today that the Port St. Lucie, FL based firm, Liberty Medical Supply, Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This hits close to home for me, as this in my community where neighbors are being laid off.  Liberty Medical received economic incentives from the State and local governments.  The firm received […]

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the liberty caucus, 2nd amendment

2nd Amendment

The recent assault on the Constitution is gravely concerning.  The Liberty Caucus needs you to take action to help ensure our natural rights are protected and not violated.  Take a moment and call Sheriff Ken Mascara of Saint Lucie County and politely let him know your concerns. Watch Sheriffs across the country stepping up for their […]

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